'Lovers Against the Rocks' CS

long-awaited, much-delayed, washed away.

here, 'lovers against the rocks' is presented in a heightened and re-focused form, remastered from the original recordings. also included are 3 remixes that completely transform the work in unpredictable ways. from industrial emo to tape-warped ambience - døves, e-saggila and, exclusively on this tape edition, moss harvest take 'lovers..' into their own hands and create something new.

track listing:
1) lovers against the rocks (remastered)
2) lovers against the rocks (døves rmx)
3) lovers against the rocks (e-saggila rmx)
4) lovers against the rocks (moss harvest rmx) - tape edition exclusive

edition of 121
includes download code

cover xerox by moss harvest
mastered by stephen bishop