Life in the Dark - 'CRUSHING WAVES OF GLOOM' 2xCS+Zine

my pre-cremation lily project LIFE IN THE DARK, which ran from 2009-2011, now has a colossal 2 & 1/2 hour retrospective double tape & zine set available from STRANGE RULES.

these 20 songs represent the tired black melancholy i was embedded in a decade ago. the following releases are presented in full...

'the sunya is rising' electronic gloom
'hushed bloom' ambient slowcore
'limbs in gloom' hopeless drone vignettes
'roman child' primitive shoegaze electronics
+ rarely heard tracks from compilations
& remixes from planning for burial, sequences & greys

the zine contains lyrics, some history behind the project & imagery from my personal journals at the time.

limited edition of 50.